PS2 Emulation Coming To PS3 Very Soon

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As of this time the information may turn up to be a rumor but somehow I highly doubt it. With the recent news that PS3 Slim may turn up any day now this leak seems all the more likely to actually be the real thing. Are we just weeks away from having backwards compatibility once again?

As of right now the PS3 is unable to run PS2 games there is no built-in PS2 Emotion Engine CPU.  However it seems like the smart people at Sony have finally figured out a way to make all of this work.  By running what in a recent patent calls “The PS3 Cell CPU Sim EE”, which basically equates to soft simulation of the PS2.

Will Sony finally bring PS2 emulation to the PS3? Only time will tell.  In my opinion it is a no brain-er. With all the rumors swirling around the PS3 it seems as if the cat may finally be out of the bag.


White PS3 Controller Debutes In U.S.

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A Walmart in the state of Florida has sold a White Dual Shock 3 controller before they were supposed to, which pretty much confirmed suspicions of Sony’s plans to announce the release of the white Dual Shock 3 for the U.S. at this year’s E3.

A quick call to the store listed on the receipt confirmed that the store indeed has the controllers in stock, but has stopped selling them.

New Treyarch Call of Duty 7 In The Works

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Senior animator at Activision / Treyarch David Kim has divulged a curious bit of information through a personal web profile of his. He states currently that he is “currently with Activision / Treyarch on the call of duty team.”


This comes as a bit of a surprise to see another Treyarch Call of Duty given that the next installment in the Modern Warfare is in development as we speak.

Rumor has it that the next Call of Duty (which could be considered Call of Duty 5 or 7 depending on how you look at) will take place in a Vietnam setting. However as of this time there is no conformation or denial of the rumor.

inFamous and Ratchet and Clank PS3 Bundles Coming To Europe

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Rumor has it that two new PS3 bundles will be coming to Europe very soon. The inFamous bundle will include an 80G PS3, Dual Shock 3 Controller and inFamous. The bundle is expected to release on May 29th to coincide with the games release.

The other bungle will feature a 80G PS3 , a Dual Shock 3 Controller and Ratchet and Clank Quest For Booty bundle. No word on the release date just yet.

Microsoft Set To Debut New 3-D Camera For 360?

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xbox_controller_5Sources close to Microsoft are reporting that Microsoft may debut their new 3-D camera for the Xbox 360 at this years E3. Microsoft has denied any comment on the matter, which doesn’t mean all that much this day in age.

The new camera will allow for players to simulate motions through the camera. The 3-D technology will allow for very precise movements within games.

The new camera is expected to be released sometime next year.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 First Details

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call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2-20090326051750466The first details of the next installment in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series have emerged via Game Informer Magazine.

The game will have players fill the role of a new recruit who is out to combat raging global terrorism. The game will feature a longer single player campaign that will be a bit more open ended. Also players will have the option to engage in stealth tactics.

The game will run at a smooth 60fps and feature a new live patch system which will no longer require players to download the patches through their systems menu.

New features will include movable turrets, and customized weapons for single player mode. Also heavily scripted sequences from the first game will be gone, which will eliminate the ridiculous infinite enemy re-spawn sections from Modern Warfare that required players to move up to a certain point in the level before enemies would stop re-spawning.

One of the most exciting details that has emerged would be increased player maneuverability. Players will now be able to swim, scale ledges, and use snowmobiles in some form or another for escape.

Once again gamers will be sad to know that there will be no campaign Co-Op, however there will be additional Co-Op Missions featured in “Special Forces” mode.

Fable 2 DLC Out Today

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The new Fable 2 DLC has been released today. ‘Fable 2 See The Future’ is available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 560 points

See The Future is the second part of the Fable 2 DLC. According to Lionhead Studios the CLC is much deeper and first DLC that was released called piece ‘Knothole Island’. Some new additions to the game include new clothes, new quests, more canine transforming potions, and some cursed items from Murgo the Trader.