PS2 Emulation Coming To PS3 Very Soon

As of this time the information may turn up to be a rumor but somehow I highly doubt it. With the recent news that PS3 Slim may turn up any day now this leak seems all the more likely to actually be the real thing. Are we just weeks away from having backwards compatibility once again?

As of right now the PS3 is unable to run PS2 games there is no built-in PS2 Emotion Engine CPU.  However it seems like the smart people at Sony have finally figured out a way to make all of this work.  By running what in a recent patent calls “The PS3 Cell CPU Sim EE”, which basically equates to soft simulation of the PS2.

Will Sony finally bring PS2 emulation to the PS3? Only time will tell.  In my opinion it is a no brain-er. With all the rumors swirling around the PS3 it seems as if the cat may finally be out of the bag.


~ by The Paranoid Gamer on August 5, 2009.

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