Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Announced

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LucasArts has announced today via a press release that a new videogame based on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series is in production at Aussie games developer Krome Studios.

Dubbed Republic Heroes, the game will apparently bridge Seasons One and Two of the series and will follow everyone’s favourite Clone Wars heroes as they pursue the mysterious bounty hunter Cad Bane and combat the all-new super villain Kul Teska. Players will be able to fight as both Jedi Knights and clone troopers as they undertake over 30 unique missions. Jedi characters utilise the lightsabres to cut down their enemies, and will also be able to commandeer droids and pilot a variety of vehicles. Clone troopers have a higher focus on weaponry, and wield blasters, rocket launchers, thermal detonators and, in some levels, jetpacks.

Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions is online and offline two-player drop in/out multiplayer. A Nintendo DS version is also in development at LucasArts Singapore, the team responsible for last year’s Jedi Alliance. This version will feature touch screen controls as well as missions based on key events and battles from Season One.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is scheduled to be released in September this year on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, PS2, PSP and Nintendo DS.



Advertisements “New World Order” Movie Review

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By Prairie Miller

Conceived as an apparently judge-for-yourself investigation into the multi-faceted conspiracy culture that has become the foundation of the anti-globalization movement, the documentary New World Order seems to pride itself on bypassing the more prevalent, subjectively partisan political filmmaking, but really doesn’t offer anything substantial in its place.

Co-directed by Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel, grandson of famed avant garde artist, Alice Neel, New World Order essentially offers nothing ‘new’ on the topic, nor displays any concrete ‘order’ in structuring its haphazard collage of hit and run gotcha moments.

An amalgam of vintage and rather meaningless political rhetoric from JFK to Joe Biden, with grassroots ‘9/11 was no accident’ conspiracy junkies weighing in too, New World Order also tosses together leftist anti-corporate/commercial media activists with right wing populist survivalists, and with no clear agenda in mind.

To read the full review go check out

I will be doing my own official review of this movie once I see it.

Portugal The Man “And I”

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This band is amazing.

The Burning Room-“Ninjas and Cops Don’t Mix”

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The Burning Room is a now defunct band from Portland Oregon that I was friends with. They had some mild success. This is their music video for ‘Ninjas and Cops Don’t Mix’ from their debut album ‘We Invented Thunder’

Marcy Playground – Opium (Live Woodstock 98)

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One of the most forgotten bands of the 90’s. Marcy Playground were a great psychedelic rock band for their generation.

The Office Shaman Presents: ‘Jesus Ain’t No Hippie’ Music Video by ‘WinterBand’

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The Paranoid Gamers good friend The Office Shaman presents us with this tasty jam.

Peter Schiff at Hard Assets Investment Conference 5/11

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